Back to Boxing: Comeback 2013

5 years ago, I had my last professional boxing match at the Paradise Theater in Bronx, New York.  I boxed competitively both amateur and pro and had some successes including a National Golden Gloves Title as an amateur and a World Title as a pro, but it got difficult to get fights and honestly I got tired of training so hard never knowing when my next fight would be.  The sport had taken it’s toll on my body as well and I decided to quit. This summer it had been 4 1/2 years since I had done anything in boxing.  When I packed up my life in Las Vegas and headed to Raleigh, North Carolina in June of last year, I was exhausted both physically and mentally.  Most important for me was to get my health back.  I had gained a bit of weight, but more than that my body felt stiff, weak, slouchy, inflexible and flabby.  I couldn’t help but ask myself what happened to the lean, fighting machine that I was when I was a professional boxer?  While I knew I would probably never get back to the physical state of my glory days as a fighter, I also refused to settle for the way I was currently feeling.  I knew I could do better for myself than this.  I decided to make my health a priority as my first meaningful act in Raleigh.  I started running again, biking, going to a local fitness gym and doing yoga.  I also got back to boxing.  The summer Olympics where Women’s Boxing was finally admitted as a sport was really inspiring and I missed the comradery and challenge of being involved in the sport.  

Fast forward to October, when after getting somewhat settled and somewhat in shape, my husband asked me if I wanted to go to Germany.  He works for a German engineering firm, the work is slow in the US and busy in Germany and they wanted him there for the next 6 months.  He didn’t have to go, but we decided since we were only somewhat settled in North Carolina,  why not?   It has given me a temporary diversion and I have used the time to remain committed to my health and have continued my reentry into boxing by exploring how they do the sport here.   I’m beginning to feel fantastic and fierce. I think in about 6 weeks I will be close to where I want to be physically.  And I realize I want to try to make a comeback in boxing this summer.

So here are my fitness goals for 2013:

10 pull-ups
10 bar dips
Run 3 miles in under 21 minutes
50 push ups
Improve hamstring, shoulder, and hip flexibility
Lose 7 lbs (though I don’t care about weight loss, I want to get closer to my fight weight)

Spar with top female flyweights here in Germany to gage my current ability
Have a comeback fight in Summer 2013

I look forward to interacting with the supportive community on Fitocracy and helping others achieve their goals.  I am also really enjoying using it to track my workouts and progress.  To learn more about my boxing career, you can visit my boxing website at:  http://yvonnecaples.org/boxing.html

Update to Project:

Things are going well for me:

I have made the following improvements that have moved me a bit closer to my goals:

I can do 4 pull ups

I can do 35 push-ups

I am run 3 miles at 25:30

I can do 7 bar dips

I am losing about .5 lb per week

I am doing yoga 4-5 times per week


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