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Back on track

Hi folks!

I decided to jump back on track with Illustrator. Since I work as 2D - 3D animator on commercials in production company, and to be honest, I got a bit sick of it, I needed something for myself. So I joined, and BAM, here I am, in my fist class.

I did quite a lot of Illustrator work back in 2007-2010, but after that I was too busy to keep up with everything (Collage 'n stuff), so I kinda dropped this amazing tool.

When browsing through classes, I found this one, and thought it would be perfect for a start.

Here is my project image. I didn't bother adding text, just because. :)

And for final project, I am deciding between these three posters:

I'll start today, and update almost daily. I expect to finish at least two of them, and if I find enought time, I just might do all three.

Update 1:

Here it is, the blocking of "Isle of man". Bunch of details, whole lot of layer work. I will do blocking phase first, after that, I'll bring in more fine details.




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