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Back on the Drawing Board

After the drawing of Maya I was inspired to actually try my hand at another drawing. I landed a gig designing a magazine. One of the stories sounded well-suited for an illustration rather than a photo. Because of your class, instead of jumping to the computer to use a photo or do something in Illustrator I was inspired to try and do a hand drawing for my client. I created a crosshatch drawing of a skull and flowers to represent a Festival of the Dead celebration in Bolivia. In the end, the drawing was very well received by the client.

A have posted images of the process below. It took about 10 hours to complete the image.

Yasmina, thank you so much for making this class. You have gotten me motivated to get back on the board and start drawing things by hand again.








Our 9-year old rottweiler Maya just passed away and I've been meaning to do something in her memory.

I haven't done any drawing or used my pens in a while so I thought your class provided me with a good excuse to pull my pens out of the closet. I have never uses a hatching technique, but it was a great way to represent fur. This was also a great exercises in patience. I thought about quitting many times during the process because I didn't feel it was coming out the way I wanted it to, but I stuck with it and now I am happy with how it turned out.

Great class Yasmina! Thanks for giving me a reason to do get back to drawing with ink again!



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