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Back of the comic shop TShirts

Hwllo everyone. I have been eager to take this class.  I Still Fairly new to T-shirt designing in general. My hopes with this class is to make some orignal shirts.

 Ok back of the comic shop Is the company I do my Art work under. you can see the full logo below

So i was thinking of working with my comic strip charaters (one being in the logo) or just the name in general. I sketche out a 3 so far.

here is my 1st one.

I don't think i diging the "Art Science font" i think i might make it more boxy. I was trying to make it feel old comic booky. So the design it self i not to sure with.

What do you guys think?  I will post the others as i finish them.

Update on the image above.

I think this is better... I changed the text...the circle back ground ... and the color tint...what do you guys think?


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