Back into Action

Hello, I'm Ruth. In high school, I tore my ACL playing basketball. Using my knee as an excuse, fitness and sport fell farther and father on my list of important things. For years after that I dedicated my time to college and work. Now two years out of college, I find myself at a weight I'm not happy with and now I have to start worrying about my weight causing more damage to my knee. If my knee is going to hurt I might as well be doing something I'm having fun at. I do miss basketball.

A year ago I got a skateboard because I loved skateboarding when I was younger. It was always a rush. Still is in fact, but I noticed that something changed. I changed. I could barely skate 20 minutes before I was completely gased. Upset at that fact I started working out. I wanted my strength back, my stamina back. And that's why I'm back into Action.

I always have difficultly sticking to things. But after a couple months playing with Fitocracy I have confidence I can stick to this.  I have high hopes I can stick with my work outs. I want to keep things varied so it doesn't get repetitive.

Positive fitness Habit Change: Go to the gym 2x a week. I want to figure out a good weight lifting schedule. It needs to be balanced and structured to build on the weight.

My Goals:

1. Lose 20 pounds or pants size

2. Get stronger - hit the gym

3. Become more adventurous - try rock climbing or zipline

4. Stay healthy - no soda, smaller portions, love what I eat.

5. And be happy with my body.



Update 1/25/13

I'm off to a pretty good start. I managed to accomplish my positive fitness habit change to go to the gym twice a week. A couple of things I've found out:

1. Get an idea of the exercises you want to do before you go to the gym - really helps you get into the groove

2. Pay attention to form - I noticed it getting sloppy the more tired I got so I slowed it down, controlled my breathing and I straightened my form back out.

3. More weight - I can lift 5 pounds easy, 10 pound felt a burn, and 15 was hard. I left the 5 lb. weights alone. I went with the 10lb. burn instead. Fewer reps and more affective.

4. Squats hurt my knee - Stinks because I know how well squats build leg muscle, but I think I've come up with a semi decent replacement excercise . . . sprints.

Starting out I had a small idea of the exercises I wanted to do. After watching some youtube videos I've learned about a few new exersices. As I go more and more I'll learn more to really target what I want most. Right now I'm just looking to build muscle and feel good.

Working on my goals: I've becoming more conscience of what foods I'm eating. I'm eating smaller portions. I only broke down once and had a soda, but other than that one I've been drinking lots of water.

I managed to skateboard for about 30 minutes non stop. It was a lot of fun and man did I work up a sweat. Still working on nailing that heelflip. Gah, it can be frustrating, but I love it.

I'm planning to walk some trails with my brother next week. We might even get to climb some rocks. Yay, for being more adventurous. I hope this will lead to some hiking up Stone Mountain. That should be a tough challenge.

Overall I'm feeling really good about my progress and where I'm heading. I'm really happy I did this class. I've learned a lot.


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