Alejandro Pe

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Back Around

This is what a (late) evening's work looks like for me. The photos were taken around La Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo, Dominican Repulic. I've been into photograpy on and off. What made me do it, photographers like Brassai and H.C. Bresson.





This class helped me to regain lost confidence, it definately pushed me to go back out again.The fear to "shoot" at people crept back, mainly around that third picture of the girl with the gown were I trembled like I wasn't smack dab in the middle of the caribbean, but after a couple more tries I settled into and by the 4th picture I had eased into a rhythm. What's funny is that by the time I shot that picture I didn't care about the fear of being called out so I got as close I could to the group, I jumped at every angle that open around the circle and no body protested to it!

It was good; Any tips?


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