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My idea is to make Bach a composer website and use it as a template for actual living composers who want websites.  


Cool, I bought a domain and uploaded my project so far.  Check it out!


I completed the second coding challange.  Added a biography page and played around with tables and forms, and copied and pasted an iframe from google maps.  Woohoo!


I added semantic tags and embedded some audio using html5!


Great, threw some basic styling on the site using CSS!


Improved the layout -- looks great (if I do say so myself :D).


I ran into a little problem with white space appearing between <a> elements in my navbar.  As you can see below, even though each <a> has a width of 20% and no margin, a space was appearing between them and throwing the contact link onto it's own line.  

Found the answer here:

...worked like a charm.


My layout for smaller devices was adding a bunch of white space to the right of the actual content on my home page.  

This was because I was hiding images using visability: hidden; rather than display: none; .


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