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Cynthia Stuker

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Baby's First Baseball


Here are some rough sketches of my story. I need to not say "cubs" game because a) its not important to the stort and b) its confussing because the game was in St. Louis. I feel like the stadium and arch add more character to the story than the fact that we are cubs fans. To dramatize the downpour, I added an ocean-wave-like flooding sceen where our sign drifts away.



  • Happy Family (Mom, dad and baby) at the ballpark with First Cubs Game sign.

Something Happens

  • Starts to rain. Mom pulls out a tiny umbrella to cover just the baby. Baby is happy but parents begin to worry.


  • Down pour. Parents are drenched with the one little umbrella over baby to keep him dry. Baby is happy, parents are sad.

All is ruined

  • Rain delay announced. Parents drenched and upset. Baby still dry and happy.


  • When all seems lost, the sun peaks through the clouds and the rain ends. Family is happy.


  • Crowd cheering. Mom catches baseball.
  • Parents are happy and baby falls asleep snuggling baseball.


The chosen idea

When I was ideating, I was sure I'd choose the running story, but I think the baseball game story (maybe simplified some) will be more interesting. 


1. Ouch! I love you.

My boyfriend (now husband) and I were walking down a trail when we saw a small snake. Like the responsible adults that we are, we poked it with a stick. My boyfriend then picked it up by the tail and the snake bit him. The doctor tells us it was a baby copperhead, very poisonous, and that my boyfriend would have to stay overnight in the ER for antivenim treatment. One night stay at the hospital, lots of antivenim and a care basket later, my boyfriend tells me that he loves me for the first time.

2. A dangerous run

I kiss my baby boy good night and then go for a fun where I encounter some scary things, first, it is just in my head. I daydream zombies living under the sewer system, their arms reaching out to get me as I pass over the drains. Once I shake these hollucinations, I come across some sweet sidewalk chalk drawings: flowers, smiley faces and the words "Ima gonna stab you" and "merder". I quickly run pass the drawings and into a group of very young, pre-adolecent boys. The "leader" asks my if I have a lighter. What Is wrong with this neighborhood? I run home to the love of my husband and the innocense of my sleeping baby.

3. first cub's game

We take our 6 month old son to his first baseball game - everything appears to go wrong. on our way to the ballpark, we realize we forgot our tickets so have to turn around and go get them. Finally at the ballpark, it is downpouring and because we lost so much time with the tickets, the closest parking spots are blocks away. We make a mad dash with one umbrella, one rain coat and one poncho (there are 4 adults and 1 baby). Inside the stadium, we find out there is a 2 hour rain delay.  the game finally starts and we take our seats And hang up our "baby's first cub's game" sign, only to be imediately told to take it down. We enjoy the game and baby enjoys people watching - its a beautiful night after the rain. A cub's coach sees us with our baby and throws a baseball up to us - I catch it! Best baseball game ever!


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