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BabyConnect Redesign

Hello! I have a nine week old son, so I've been using the BabyConnect app to help me keep track of his feedings and diaper changes, among other things. I use it at least 3 times an hour, 18 hours a day. No joke. It is a great app that also syncs to a website, however the design is terrible! Actually, most of these "mommy" apps are terrible. Since I use it so frequently, I am going to love redesigning it.  

So, here we go!


The iOS6 designs are on the left. Overall, I'd say the iOS6 designs seems easier to use, but it was also not very attractive. Their attempt at "flat design" in iOS7 sacrificed functionality.

Homepage: This page is the gateway to all of the app's functionality. It also quickly reports how long since the baby's last feedings, diaper changes, etc. This page is highly customizable (colors, # of icon buttons, which buttons appear). You can also switch to view another child's homepage.

Diaper Tracker: You can keep track of the time and type of diaper change. (My life is very glamorous.)

Feed Tracker: This one is very important to me. You can time how long you've been breastfeeding, view which breast you used last and edit the times if you missed timing a session. You can also record Bottle feedings and/or Solid food feedings. I'll be focusing on the nursing.


Here are a couple of apps to compare.

Total Baby: Holy crap is this cluttered. However, they do manage to get a lot of useful info onto one screen. I like having the timer and the summary on the same screen. 

Eat Sleep Simple Baby Tracking: I still find the design too busy, however, it is easy to read. The options are more limited than in the BabyConnect app, too, which is why the tabbed interface works for them. 


Here are my initial notes. Gotta run because the kid is crying. Woo, fun, don't be jelly :)


Diaper Tracker:

Nursing Tracker:


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