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Derek Wood



Baby-talking to machines / HTML and CSS for humans

Class title:

Sharing something on the internet: Baby-talking to machines / HTML and CSS for humans *lite*

Project title:

"I had a thing I wanted to share, then I typed this silly stuff - and the computer displayed things."

Project description:

MAKE SOMETHING using all of the things discussed in the video.

1. Think of something you want to share with the world. If you can't think of anything... then just ask a few people for ideas (everyone thinks they have great ideas). If you think the idea is silly... even better - you'll have to get used to that if you plan on working for an employer.

2. Create an outline of your goal. Just write for a bit. Actually think about it. Then pretend to be someone else, and think about it some more. After 30 minutes / an hour or so, just circle the good stuff / and cross out the rest.

3. Write out an organized / herirarchical text document of your collected content as shown in the video

4. Collect / create any assets you may need into an intelegent file structure.

5. Choose one of the tools discussed - and mark-up your content.

6. Style the content with CSS.

7. Make something in your project do something with the use of JavaScript

8. Spend some time thinking about how you've potentially added to a giant global library of stuff.

9. Call one of your loved ones, and see what they think about what you made. Does it "Do" what you set out to do? Does this 'web-page' or - 'document' (whatever you want to call it) --- Accomplish that goal you outlined in step 2? Iterate. Adjust. Repeat 8 and 9 until you feel like, 'hey... this thing is great.'

10. Put up a link for us to see / or just throw it away and do a whole new thing. The process is a learning experience, but finding something worth sharing is the real challenge. Coding isn't 'cool' - it's just a really neat tool that lets you share things with the world. Don't take it too seriously.  : )

- @sheriffderek


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