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Baby t-shirt for personal printing


my project is about white t-shirt for little babies with individual printing for every customer. I need it to be simple, because this t-shirt is produced for printing, so in final picture - printing is the most important part. But of course t-shirt should be visually appealing too.

I struggle mostly with background. I have a shop with this kind of t-shirt and the best colour for website would be white - it is difficult to coordinate all colours of printing, so white is the best. I used to put something like this on website:

But I would like to have something better, because t-shirt on this type of picture does not “pop” and picture is quite bad.

I was sick all week so I had to improvise with photoshoot setting – I was not able to go and buy stuff. I made pictures on ping-pong table and tracing-paper for better texture. I  used two lamps and Sony camera on auto setting (I am still learning how to use manual setting proprerly…). It looked like that:

For further edit I chose this picture:

And this is how it looks edited (with added printing):

I would appreciate any comment and suggestion. Thank You!


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