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Gina Mayes




Baby Walk Cycle

Oh my gosh, this literally took me all day but I think I got the gist of it. It needs a lot of smoothing out the speed curves and whatnot but here's what I came up with:


Maybe I should leave out the background. Anyway, it's not perfect, and somewhere along the way I made mistakes that I had to go back and fix over and over again and panicked a little when I majorly screwed up something and then I remembered that I made duplicates of the composition (tween and key poses) so DON'T SKIP THAT STEP, it was a life saver. 

I've got to fix the eyes I think for some reason it's a little jumpy and it actually might be the head... I added puppet pins because the head and the body were attached but I think it would be a lot smoother if I actually had separate head and neck layers that I could control. 

Regardles, this was a HUGE improvement from my first try. Here's the same walk cycle before taking this class:


So thank goodness for this class! I learned so much about the functionality of the keyframes that I didn't even know about! It was well worth it and I'm definitely trying this on more characters and play with the speed to see if I can do a run cycle too. 

And Jake, bless your heart -this class was a beast, thank you so much for taking the time to make everything so easy to follow, I really appreciate it tons!


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