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Baby Trump

Here is my illustration with all pieces layered over each other.


Here Is my exploded illustration to show all of the separate parts I will be working with.


Looking forward to applying the rigging!

OK here is all the rigging with unused layers hidden.

My character wasn't set up quite like any of the others so I had a tough time trying to figure out how to attach and parent everything–I am sure some of my connections are less than Ideal but in the end it worked with some minor issues.


Through some of the connections I lost the responsiveness of the elbow… I'm not really sure what happened but when the hand goes up to far the elbow wont bend right. I may try to re-IKGoal it later.

And here is tiny baby Trump throwing atiny tantrum:


Had a lot of fun learning how to do this. I have never used AE before and this made me excited to continue to learn more. Thank you!


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