"Baby Stinky Dinosaur and other things my 3-year old son told me to draw"

"Baby Stinky Dinosaur and other things my 3-year-old son told me to draw" is a zine that I made that includes illustrations that my 3-year-old son told me to draw. I love how creative and silly his ideas are, and I love watching his face for approval when his ideas come to life in my illustrations.

I had a lot of fun with this project, and hope to take further within the next few months. So let me know what you think!






1. "A baby stinky monster dinosaur"

2. "A wild monster with a stinky baby"

3. "A fire breathing rein-deer"

4. "A rainy day with a monster and the rain on top of the house and in the house"

5. "A really high bear with flying wings."

6. "A princess jumping in the mud with muddy shoes"

7. "Nothing. That's enough, mom."

Questions I have:

I know that the drawings are somewhat child-like but I feel like it works for this subject matter. What do you think? 

I also plan on recreating this taking out the unfortunate yellow smudges and typing the words rather than writing them. I was going to use one spot color. Do you think that the yellow works?


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