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Baby Steps to Watercolor Painting

Hi Everyone,

My name is Melai and this is my first attempt with watercolor. I'm an IT professional by trade. I have no related background to any form of art but I do love colors and crafts and making something out of my hands. Please leave comments and suggestions about my work so I can do better. Thanks in advance. :)

Here's my palette. I'm greatly inlove with pastel colors so my mixes are customized that way.

I'm using Pentel Watercolors and brushes from Daler Rowney. I bought my supplies before I started this class so I did not exactly have an idea on what to buy. The Pentel watercolors has thick, bright consistency, and is kind of hard to mix with other colors. A tiny bit is still vivid even if I put in a lot of water. However, I notice that the colors looked better and more pastel-like as it dries up.

Below are my first shoe projects:

I don't have an angled brush so it's a bit tricky to draw a fine, straight line using the round brush as the bristles separate as I glide. I used a pencil after to define the lines. 

The difficult part for me was the sketching. I didn't realize that to have something to color, I need to make a drawing first. Heehee! :)


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