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Junko Kagawa

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Baby Shower Gifts

Excited to submit my very first project :)

Just happens so that I'm invited to a couple of baby showers these next months, I decided to make a collection of the gifts and turn it into a card (only if I can figure out how to resize it and print it correctly on the right kind of paper... sucks to be a complete novice at this kind of thing.)

Black and White Drawing

Following the demo, I went at it with a pen without drafting.  

While at it, also loosely practiced Kate's lettering becuase hers are so darn cute!

Oops misspelling.  Can you spot it?


Final Colored Piece

I don't have Photoshop so I use a free drawing tool for all my digital doodles.  It supposedly has many of the similar functions, but alas, couldn't find the "Select > Similar" function, so it stays blotchy.  No biggie.  (I scanned it directly into the program, so not as bad as the above photo.)

Got to fix the typo (write-po?) and a bit around the bristle on the banana.  Yay to digital editing but why do I feel like I've cheated a bit?


Excited to make another collection (probably not the gifts) for another baby shower!


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