Baby Jordan

Baby Jordan - student project

I finally finished this class!

I've been dragging my feet when it comes to this class but, I finally completed it. I'm so glad I did because I learned two invaluable techniques. 

First, I did some sketches. Not nearly enough to vamp out a really good idea but, I wanted to keep it simple so that I could focus on the texturing portion. So I came up with an idea of kid attempting the Jordan Cradle Dunk. 

I wanted work with more solid shapes like the ones I found in some old folk art. I wanted to avoid the sambo feel though. 

Baby Jordan - image 1 - student project

Baby Jordan - image 2 - student project

Baby Jordan - image 3 - student project

Baby Jordan - image 4 - student project

I created the vector in illustrator using the free transform tool for perspective. I also used some halftones for the ball and the ground texture. However, I feel as if I should've left them unaltered because it kind of came back to bite me in the rear. The textures give a slightly different feel. 

Baby Jordan - image 5 - student project

This is the image based texturing example and I absolutely loved the wooden fence but struggled with everything else I decided to try the second method. My goal is supposed to be plastic, yet it was hard to find a texture that communicated that feel. Any suggestions on unnatural textures like plastic or metal?

Baby Jordan - image 6 - student project

I'm like Eddie-Murphy-Coming-To-America-Singing-Jackie-Wilson in love with this technique. I used Kyle's Xerox brush but, there are so many different ways to apply texture. Joash dropped the link with this one and it helped to remove the mystique from this style of illustration. Thanks fam!  Hope you guys and gals like my project, give me your feedback and I'll check out your work as well!

Baby Jordan - image 7 - student project

Baby Jordan - image 8 - student project

Baby Jordan - image 9 - student project

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