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Baby Deer Step By Steps



In Canada people used to feed deers from hand on a backyard. In my experience, I remember last Summer I saw red baby deer. White polka dots on baby deer’s back and how it disappeared in high green grass where I was laying under the sun getting tan. At least I match a color!


List Of Materials...and other juicy stufff



With a little help from clip-art I started my animal painting. I see a pair of ears and a rainbow on my paper!




Rapidly continue a "face" before rainbow gone. I like colorful sunshine raws on my painting. I don't need to develop my color palette. So I stay with the same quinacridone gold and a violet.




Oh, I forgot to show you I paint on a large piece in order if I decide to paint a large composition ( I never know what will be at the end!). Ok, I see a "face". What about to paint baby deer body...not body...





All set. Back to "face". I think it's she with this pink lipstick. Remember how I took my mom's cosmetics and did make up.




Now I understand why my mom was smiling looking at my make up look... My baby deer with a lipstick express the same reaction from me now. Add more definition to eye with "mascara".




Day 2

It was so fun so I left my painting for next day.

As girls we love make up. So I keep spend time by painting a "face" by adding mouth. Closeup view, checking if this is enough make up for today. My baby deer look completely changed. Today she is grow.




I want colors. Just brown palette is boring. Adding fresh air with Turquoise. Checking and listening. This is the last stage.






Day 3

Last touches next morning with fresh eyes. And a final result is...



It was fun. I hope you enjoyed my "Baby Deer" creation story


P.S. Thanks for reading to the very end. As my little "thank you" there are two videos for you:


Video "Baby Deer" creation story. Part 1 


Video "Baby Deer" creation story. Part 2



List Of Materials...and other juicy stufff 


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