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Baby Bren

Thank You, Anne!

I've been a longtime Photoshop user, but something about masks always intimidated me. I guess I never tried hard enough, but this class made it easy for me to understand masks, and taking my illustrations to a new level. The flexibility that these new (to me!) tools give me will be lifesavers, and I can't wait to use them more and more!

We have two bullmastiffs, and I chose Brenley as my subject. Hugo is brindle, and sorry boy, your sister was "easier"!

It's really hard to find sweaters to fit our dogs, and if I could find the perfect sweater for Bren, it would be pink of course, and have a clementine on it. She loves citrus!

I took perhaps an unoriginal path, putting a sweater on my dog the way Anne did, but I enjoyed myself and am pleased with the end result.

Also, thanks for introducing me to Kyle T. Webster! I bought the Megapack and I'm having so much fun playing with them! They are amazing!





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