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Amirmahdi Hassanzadehzargari

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Babes & Gents

Babes & Gents Brand Definition:

Babes & Gents is a Canada (Ottawa) based brand that draws aspirations from three words: Passion, Inspiration, and Warrior-like Strength (Mental & Physical). A babe or a gent, in the brand’s view, is a person who is passionate, inspired, and warrior-like in everything that he/she does.

The brand prides itself in its art. Being able to turn expensive pieces of fine art, into affordable wearable cloths that have been crafted with care and passion is the brand’s greatest joy.

The brand’s mission is to get its fans on their path to follow their passions and turn their dreams into reality. The brand is happy to provide any support that it can for its fans who are putting their efforts into their passions. The founder has dealt with these challenges himself, and still is, so he would be happy to offer his support to anyone who needs it.

The brand also tries its best to help out on a larger scale by donating 10% of its profits to UNICEF (They give children around the globe a chance of survival, education, and healthy living). The dream that the brand holds on this front is to form a partnership with UNICEF in order to provide a minimum of 3 meals for every item that is sold and also expand that concept into basic art supplies.


Theme Clarification: This Collection is a pure reflecction of the owner of the brand, what he likes, and his inspirations from his entire life. That’s why he decided to do one design of each upcoming collection in the very first collection, in order to give everyone a taste of what is to come in the future. He hasn’t really named this collection, but if he was to name it, he would call it the “Beginning” simply because each design/theme in this collection will become its own collection in the next 5 years.


Babes & Gents Look-Book:

Babes & Gents Just launched its first collection on July/8th/2013

The Look-book Could also be viewed online here:

Line Sheet:

Extra Credit - Car Design:


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