Baba Yaga

I went ahead and created a flying Baba Yaga using the same profile I had originally sketched. I've finished my shape layers and have her holding a broom and a pestle. Much of the shapes I created for her have jagged edges scince she is a scary character. 

Update: For my character, I chose to use the face of Baba Yaga I drew in my sketch pad. I wanted to do a portrait first, and then go into the body, and possibly her home to create an environment for her. Baba Yaga is an old mythical woman from slavic folklore. I chose her because the description of her appearance will be fun a challenging to create. She has crazy wind swept grey hair, lots of wrinkles, and some descriptions say's she has sharp metal teeth. She also lives in an old wooden hut the sits on top of chicken legs, I think some stories says her house walks around. She also has an old fence around her home that is decorated with human skulls that glow at night. Baba Yaga also flies around in a old Mortar, so she is the earliest character that fits a wicked witch description. I thought she would be fitting for the halloween season right now.

I started a Pinterest account with various boards that include all the types of art, color palettes, textures, etc. of what I find inspiration or simply draw my eye. Check out my boards. I've shared my illustration board, which I'll be using for this class, but you'll find all my other interests as well. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  


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