Baam Bada




Baam Bada Fan

Ernesto Montanez is Baam Bada’s ideal fan.  Ernesto works as a key holder at the Gap while attending the School of Visual Arts in NYC.   He’s 24 and lives in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn  with his girlfriend Jessica who is also a fan of Baam Bada, yet they are both from L.A.

In a recent interview when asked, “Why do you like Baam Bada?” Ernesto said “I really like them because their music is real. It’s fresh and easy to relate to. Not to mention you can help but dance whenever you are listening to the Baam Bada sound” Ernesto reads magazines such as Fader, GQ, Mi Gente, EDM Magazine and subscribes to blogs such as Tranceaddict, and of course  Although Ernesto doesn’t play any instruments he is an avid listener of instrumental Jazz, Grime, Cumbia, Hip Hop and Electronic.


Ernesto’s Hobbies include

Dancing, collecting beads, cooking and hookah lounges


Ernesto’s favorite Baam Bada moment

Going back stage at their show in NYC and meeting them for a split second since they were on their way out to a cooking demonstration by Daniel Boulud.  Funny enough Ernesto was on his way to the same place. “Even though I felt like a stalker, it felt great to see that Baam Bada are real people, (Ha, Ha ) not great cooks but real people”


Favorite Baam Bada song

Brooklyn Remix


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