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BURA - my t-shirt brand

Sorry, I seem to have done this backwards. Scroll to the bottom to see where this all began.

And here is final photoshop texture using the leather texture.

This is where I added some texture. Really liking how it looks with the roughed up edges. All in all it come out a bit more classy and sophisticated than I'd hoped. But I really like it. I feel like it could be a cuban cigar brand or something.

Started adding the additional elemets here. Tried a few variations and stuck with this. Interesting that it is different to what I had sketched. As Simon says, what looks good in pencil paper doesn't always transpire onto screen. Also, choosing the secondary font was a bit of process, a lot of trial and error.

This is where I went into vector. I did anticipate scanning and tracing over with the pen tool, but I wanted try this new method of ising single lines and taking it from there.The swirls are definitely the hardest part! 

I  have a small, side-line t-shirt company called 'BURA'. I already have a logo for it, but I wanted to try and make a vintagey one. Maybe I can use it on a shirt or some material in the future. But mostly I just want to try learn some vinatge typography techniques. It should also be noted that the logo for my t-shirt brand is an elephant.


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