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BSP band Poster featuring Bears

I just drew a bunch of band related images for another class and here the actual assignment is a band poster! I feel like I have a theme to the month. I was pretty excited when the teacher's subject was Sun Ra, I saw him in concert once! 

I picked British Sea Power because of all the bands I listen to I can imagine them having a silk screened poster. Their mascot is a polar bear. Also I've been watching a television show with a subplot about polar bears eating people. So the bear was clearly the way to go: 



I used multi-media paper and a fountain pen for the initial drawing. Usually I use a dip pen but I'm recovering from a hand/wrist injury and that was a little too hard to work with. This is the same paper I usually use for comics and it has a little more tooth than I would normally like for something that was going to end up in Illustrator. 

The illustration was almost exactly the same as my sketch, though I went for a little extra "cute" originally and made the final bear a bit more fierce. 

And the poster: 


I'm a little worried about the white and pink lines on those bottles -- I might have swapped that out if I had more time to mess with the printing aspect.

Funny thing about the lettering -- I drew it at night and the next morning when I arrived at work I was asked to do almost the exact style for a client. It's nice when things come together that way. 

I really, really liked this class! 


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