BRYAN ADAMS in India APR '13

Hi, This is my first attempt at poster making. 

Bryan Adams is a Canadian Singer Song writer, as per wikipedia. He is my absolute favorite and after decades of prayers finally I am in a town where he is going to perform this Summer. He wil be performing Pune India, a concrete city surrounded by hills. 

Concept 1 - 

Idea is just to have one picture of Bryan Adams with song lyrics and his nick name "Groover from Vancouver" 


This is more to combine the concert venue (IT hub hilly town of India, PUNE) and Bryan adams guitar contouring the hills 


Concept 3 Bryan Adams coming to rule Pune City, in India

Concept 4 Summer Concert with memory of ne of themost famous overplayed and over used song. Everyone knows this song. Summer of 69


Iterations before the final one - 

Final sketch of my poster which I will be taking ahead. I really wanted the essence of Adams voice t be captured in the poster which I felt was lacking in the previous attempts. 


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