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Update #1 Thanks to Abigail, Todd and Ethan for good company as we photographed Williamsburg on Saturday morning.  Sorry to keep you guys waiting - I still owe you a beer.  All images converted to B&W in Lightroom.  

It's always a challenge to photograph people candidly.  Even without lugging around a large SLR, I still managed to be noticed by most of my subjects.  Sometimes however, it works, even if they're avoiding their gaze (image #1) or giving you the "what are you lookin' at?" look (image #2).  Sometimes they're friendly (image #3).  My street photography always begins to blur the lines with portrait.   

"don't look at me"


"yes, we have whisky"


"blue bottle"



"from the hip" - Because I literally shot this from the hip, hence the odd frame.  But it sort of works.


"steel garden"


Fellow Skillshare shooter Abigail

Fellow Skillshare shooter Abigail


Ethan, Abigail, and Todd


"kindred spirit" - A happy accident.  I was aiming for the vendor, but the focus caught on the photographer (using the same camera as me) in the background. 


 The crew


"let me go!" - We spotted this pup on the bed of a pickup truck as it was parking across from the dog run.  The dog was so excited he could hardly sit still, so much that the owners had to pull the chain taught to keep the dog from jumping off.  We later saw the dog being carried like a child off the back of the truck as they headed to to the dog run.  Abigail spotted the dog first and ran to the other side of the street to get her shot.  The truck was still moving and I was a bit slow on the uptake so I had to settle for shooting over a parked car.  In some ways, the roof of the car helps ground the image foreground, but it also obscures the truck the dog is on.  This shot was cropped VERY aggressively.  Some purists call that cheating, but I'll take what I can get.  Sometimes I purposely shoot wide so as to leave myself room to crop a bit later.  I'm including a wider crop (that I like as well) and original crop just to illiustrate this point.  In the last shot, you can see Abigail entering on the left side of the frame to catch the shot. 



Here we go!  I'm mostly a portrait photographer (and mostly studio at that) but have always loved street photography.  Unfortunately, I never get the chance to shoot it.  The following images are over a year old and frankly, from one of the first (and sadly, the last) times I attempted street photography.  Thanks Kaitlin for putting this class together - the resources are great (inspiring!) and hopefully by the end of this class there will be many more images below!  


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