BRIC Research / Business Strategies

I have 2 learning projects that I’d like to work on at the moment.  I would like to study the current economic concepts and political history of the BRIC countries.  The other project is to learn more about business strategies and cases.  They both have similar types of materials so I’ll just talk about the business strategies goal.

What kind of info will you be going through? (books, articles, video, audio)
I’ll be working mostly with books and articles.  That outline strategies, or show case-studies that will help me understand more of what.  

At this point I want to go through 1 book every 2 weeks until I start speed reading.   I will have longer form articles that go more in-depth as well as short blog posts that probably can be boiled down to 1 or 2 lines.  

How will you collect those golden nuggets of information?
I actually really like to write things down by hand initially while I read, especially if i’m reading on a computer. I plan on writing down the main points as I would in the margins.  For a tablet, it’s a bit harder because I probably won’t be somewhere with ready access to pen and paper so I plan on putting my initial thoughts into a doc or evernote file as I read

How will you organize this information for spaced repetition?

I plan to start by synthesizing the info into Google Docs.  Since my handwriting is kind of sloppy, I have about a 2 week window in which I can read everything I wrote and understand what it means so I plan on using that time to write the notes in a simple outline form for articles, and books and start to synthesize the information

On my next pass through I’d like to narrow things down to the 1-3 pages you mentioned.  This will just include the most important pieces and each time through i’ll make another pass at editing and narrowing it down.

I’ll keep everything in separate docs on Google Docs and try to map them all into spreadsheets with location and stages.  

How will you schedule your learning?

I plan on scheduling things more specifically as I get used to my new job and commitments, so these are broader so I can be a bit flexible with time.
I’d like to try to keep the weekend as the time to do reading and reviewing.  I plan to read new material Thursday through Saturday as time permits.  I want to keep Sunday and Monday for review and Tuesday and Wednesday for typing new notes.