Still playing cathup, having done 3 assingments in less than one week! Here's the link to the web game:

The game controls are set up the same as a regular breakout game.

 For my Breakout game, I put my scene in space.  I'm using the same core fundamentals that I've learned from the lessons. I've added some SciFi music, as well as some rotating asteroids, to give a little hint of a 3D world in the background.

I wasn't happy with the skybox set up, not being able to rotate the planet the way I wanted in the background, so instead, I used a plane object and threw it up as a background to hold the planet image.

I can see how complicated a wayyyy more complex game can get. I was almost getting a little lost in just setting up this simple state in playmaker for the ball!

Thanks for viewing!




Still playing catchup, but having a great time learning Unity!  For week two, I used the same scene as week one but started playing with the objects in the game.  First thing I worked on was getting the dark tiles on the chessboard to rise up and rotate as well as slide back down in its place (adding some interesting sound effects). 

I know this part needs a lot more work. I've had a very difficult time having the tile rise, rotate and lower back down in the same exact spot.

It looks fairly fine the first time you click on it in game, but the more times you click on it, the more you realize its way off. I'll figure something out. 

The next thing I did was toggle the color of the blue tiles when the spacebar is pressed, from blue to yellow. At the same time, I had the golem grow bigger in size.

I also added a constant rotate of the camera, panning left to right. Also, added a toggle button to toggle the lights on and off.

The web app is at the following location if anyone is interested:


  • Mouse click on any of the silver tiles to rotate.
  • SPACEBAR will toggle the blue tile colors to yellow, w/ growing golum.
  • Pressing "A" will toggle the lights on and off.

Thanks for viewing!




Trying to play catch up, having signed up for the class 2 weeks late!  This is my first go at my week one project.  I thought I'd try a floating chess-like theme with a Golem on the board.  

Here's the location of the (WEEK 1) web app:

Thanks for viewing!




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