Here is my entry for the competition.


Inspired from C# example, https://hutonggames.fogbugz.com/default.asp?W880

Additional features include a main splash screen and instructions screen.

In game sound effects.

Background audio.

Visual effects.

Updated score and high score.

Player has three lives.

Five varied levels of game play.

Scoring based on the number of balls in play.

5 points for one block hit

10 points and 15 points

15 points is the max score available for each block if you can keep more than three balls in play.

Sore will be updated if you loose a ball.

With some new abilities added.

Shooting and change size of player paddle.

Activated by picking up coloured gems.

A Sticky ball (you can hold this ball only at normal size) becomes available when you hit 25 blocks.

To release this ball up arrow.




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