B&P's Pickled Goods

B&P's Pickled Goods - student project

My name is Jesse Pascarella. I'm a graphic artist born and raised on the island of New York, currently residing in the City of Angels.

As an Italian New Yorker, food plays a huge role in my family's traditions (I'm sure Jon would vouch for that, haha). The Pascarella family cooks on a daily basis. Naturally I became very passionate about food alongside art and design.

As a foodie and appreciator of the culinary arts I became obsessed with the “farm-to-table” trend. There's honestly nothing tastier than a meal made with fresh, local produce.

About 7 months ago my ole' college buddy, tattoo artist Mike (a.k.a Burnsie) and I thought it would be a great idea to start pickling fresh produce. It all started with a conversation about how we could go through a jar of pickles in no time; we decided to have a friendly competition to see who could make the best batch. Surprised at the results of each and the holidays right around the corner we thought it would be great to give an assortment as gifts. The feedback was outstanding; that is when the light bulb went on. We thought, we should sell these! We've taken the time to hone the craft.

It just so happens to be the perfect opportunity to participate in this course by combining the ideas of homemade pickled goods, organic food pickled to preserve freshness and hands-on approach to label design to create a one of a kind branding, package and label design for our product. I look forward to the critique from the label design/illustration master, Jon Contino and the other talented artists I get to share this process with.

Phase One: Mood Board

B&P's Pickled Goods - image 1 - student project

Phase Two: B&P Logo // Rough sketches

I played with a few rough compositions of the letters themselves. Seeing how I can position them in a unique and intriguing way. After that I created 3 "rustic" like typefaces that I belived that captures the visual feel for product. What do you think?

B&P's Pickled Goods - image 2 - student project

Refining the logo concepts. Have aways to go still, but also playing with tagline and label shape and composition... stay tuned!

B&P's Pickled Goods - image 3 - student project

Product Photo: Although B&P consists of many different varieties of pickled good. For this particular assignment I went with green tomatoes. Here's the product jared to give you an idea of what I am going to be applying the label on with a fabric cap cover and hangtag.

B&P's Pickled Goods - image 4 - student project

Label Design Concept Rendering 1

After contemplating between the two overall styles I decided to go with a more developed version. I wanted to take the opportunity to unite my illustration style with hand-lettering. It's all about challenging yourself right? This is just the first rendering. Working on composition and hierarchy. Thoughts and suggestions?

B&P's Pickled Goods - image 5 - student project

Jesse Pascarella
Graphic Designer / Illustrator