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Boon Ping Lim

I am newbie here.



BP | Primes - Storytelling and The Short Film

Storytelling and The Short Film

Three ideas for short film


Julian was sitting in his living room and organising his academic journal. No dating since he has broken up and designed to pursue his master degree. Julian takes to smoke, drinks, writing the paper, watching tv series, porno film, and naked alone in his apartment. Suddenly, his ex-boyfriend calling him and he couldn't pick up, and only looked at the mobile screen, the missed call and numbers make him feel uncomfortable. He tries to smoke and get away from the name. However, his mind keeps on shows him the memory as a film. He starts to think about this man was a unity in his life. Also, Julian became a man his expected one. In the end, this man cheated on him and lots of excuses which Julian try to accept it. He felt like a fool in this three years, stands on the balcony, looks at they sky and pray hard. Julian keeps on wishing, begging for the name and memory may away from him. Suddenly, he saw a gentle orange colour shows in the edge of the sky. Is Sunrise, Julian smile but tear does not and felt the warm getting closer to him and need it badly. He stands up on the stone and just a little hop, no more tears because he knows Jason will not come to his life anymore.

Even and prime

People always look for a partner, if possible living alone will be the last option. However, Patrick and Emily prefer to enjoy the luxury life, they sharing the command value: Single, open, and an exotic quality night. Their family business and relations connection does not allow them to be a playboy or girl with no limit. After a period of fighting, both of them changed they're strategic and followed the family arrangement: marry, act the fairy tales scenes to the stakeholders, and plan to divorce in one year. They agree with the idea, but they couldn't control they feeling. After a year, they social and active like before. They do not restrict to each other but after the event, they will back to home and sleep together with holding hands, like the prime and even number sharing an only number two.

Three edges

In an office, politic games initiated in anytime and anywhere without giving us a formal invitation. Sometimes, you do not even know you are one of the players in the precise match. Jeniffer, Sophia, and Tina are working in the same team. They take care each other like a sister at home and attack the enemy in a team.Their influence power in the office may not consider a crucial one, but they like to share some information that the floor will react, and emotionally changed. No doubt, they like witches in the dark ages era. Despite how they play the game, their only focus within the three edges, like form a triangle and read the spell. The management team based on the individual performance and decided Jennifer needs three months performance management. A nightmare for her begins, but she will know the sisterhood going to betray her soon. Sophia and Tina start to worry if they keep on the relationship. So, they plan to away from Jennifer slowly and hopefully she did not realise it. At first, they continue making a big laugh show they can manage it. But, couldn't proceed more, the management team decided to release her early with compensate. Jeniffer was left her desk at 10 am and did not show up anymore. People try to guess her leaving, but she just a lunch break period. Next week, a new staff will report to the team, Sophia aims to recruit her to stable the power.


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