BOA / BUDO OVER ALL - student project


My name is Jaime. This is my first skill share class, my main objective it to create shirt label and hang tag for my t-shirt company, BOA. BOA is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu inspired brand. The name BOA has a double meaning, "Boa" means good in Portugese, and is also an acronym for BUDO OVER ALL. Budo meaning the "martial way" or "code of the samurai"

My main goal with the brand is to creat streetwear that will be recognizable by people that practice Jiu Jitsu and still be aesthetically pleasing to those who dont. The project cover photo is the logo for the brand and was hand drawn by myself. i want to incorporate modern and vintage type treatments for the shirt label and hang tag. I am open to any feedback and appreciate the time to look at my project. 



BOA / BUDO OVER ALL - image 1 - student project

MOODBOARD1BOA / BUDO OVER ALL - image 2 - student project


BOA / BUDO OVER ALL - image 3 - student project

SOME MONOGRAM IDEAS: i could also work a monogram into one of the labels or hang tags and incorporate some hand type 

BOA / BUDO OVER ALL - image 4 - student project


BOA / BUDO OVER ALL - image 5 - student project

BOA / BUDO OVER ALL - image 6 - student project

BOA / BUDO OVER ALL - image 7 - student project