BMODE Fitness Brand

BMODE Fitness Brand - student project


Yo! The name’s Adrian and I live in London, England.

I work in IT but have been dreaming about breaking free from the shackles of the rat race for a while now. The truth is I’m desperate to become an entrepreneur and be able to spend my days being awesome and stupidly creative!

I made the mistake of studying Computing at University rather than Graphic Design, but I have held an interest in it in my spare time, along with the other passions in my life: drawing and Fitness!

I decided I would create my own brand rather than develop for an established brand. The reasoning being creating a brand and a business is an objective of mine and this is the perfect opportunity to take the first step!

BMODE Fitness brand

BMODE Fitness Brand - image 1 - student project

My brand will be a lifestyle brand; therefore it will incorporate aspects of my lifestyle – art, creativity, fitness, health and motivation.

The name of my brand stands for Beast Mode, the following are some definitions from the urban dictionary:

  • When in a state of serious training or at a level of high effort.
  • Playing at a level where one physically and mentally dominates their opponents.
  • Beast mode is a state of heightened physical and mental capacity. Commonly associated with personal bests.


BMODE will therefore be a brand which aims to inspire whether it be in the gym, on the field or in everyday life!


My first sketch consists of a Spartan warrior, whom would normally be holding a bloody sword; here this has been swapped for a deadly dumbbell! The message I’m trying to get across here is one of intensity and being at the top of your game and of physical fitness.

BMODE Fitness Brand - image 2 - student project

The next part will be the graphic design, I'm using Adobe Fireworks rather than Photoshop solely because I have a basic level of experience in that product.


My first attempt at a vector drawing.. bare with me please I'm not a graphic designer and this was a steep learning curve! Please any feedback will be truly appreciated, it would be great to get the opinions of some of you graphic designers especially.. I need to up my game, maybe get on some graphic designer courses. Whatever it takes to live the dream.

BMODE Fitness Brand - image 3 - student project

Next, I need to consider how the design above can better adapt to a T-shirt design..