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Luvnit Sawhney

Founder & Owner + Designer




Name : Luvnit Sawhney 

Location : Bangalore, India 



OK, before we become best friends forever, let’s address the cloud in the room situation. Here’s what the logo means to us at BlindCloud.

The cloud comes from an organic place where sky is not the limit. This is the school of thought we apply to every design and product we conceptualize and produce at BlindCloud.

The lightning brings along the electric flash of ingenuity and the thunder adds the complementary soundtrack to this most divine of collaborations.

The randomness of the clouds forming actually hides a not so random purpose – to keep things nicely mixed-up and interesting.

Clouds come in different shapes and sizes, and vary in colour depending on the mood they’re in. Their poetic fluidity and grace inspire our product design ethics.

So why is the cloud blind? Mainly because it’s the introspective side of the cloud. In between all the crazy fun it gets up to, BlindCloud does take some time out to look at the bigger picture and watch the sun set.

But don’t think, even for a second, that BlindCloud takes itself too seriously. You can kiss my blind fluffy a** if you don’t get my thunder-tongue sticking out screaming out “Joke’s on you, buster!”


Hello, it’s been long! How’re the kids? Good, good.

So what have we been up to? Funny you ask, because the BlindClouds are gathering over us this very second.

BlindCloud is as influenced by the subcultures of urban street counter cultures, as it is by the class clown who has the wisdom of a sage. Urban Art, Music, skateboaring, and the love for avant-garde design are just some of the many things that make us want to wake up nice and late, to bring you some BlindCloud awesomeness.

We were born out of necessity. When we wanted to look spiffy in our urban apparel, we had a hard time finding the bright colours and experimental designs that we craved. And because we’ve had the privilege of having been brought up in different parts of this beautiful planet, we used all those global cultural elements, busted out the caffeine-spiked taurine-injected drinks to keep us energized, and decided to create an human-centric brand of lifestyle products that represented and reflected our cultural zeitgeist. 

We believe that our design ethics strike a delicate balance between raw, street design and refined, formal fashion. And more than anything else, we believe that everyday holds the potential to create some BlindClouds.




BLINDCLOUD's season one kicked off with four prints. The idea behind the prints were to introduce our unique culture and style combined with our love for color to the audience. Along with the tees we also add stickers, badges, and our custom BC Milk Carton Packaging to the mix . 

The First set of Graphic tees were themed on the concept of "Street Art". We used influences and references for there to ideate our first line. 

The four designs were (1) Classic BC  (2) InvaderCloud  (3) SprayCloud  (4) Pyramid Monster 

(1) Classic BC : 

This is our flag ship T-shirt, The classic, The original. The Idea behind this one is simple, it was to introduce to the masses the BC logo and our signature blue color t-shirt.

(2) SprayCloud :

The Design gives homage to the choice of weapon for almost any Graffiti or Street Artist. The Patterns inside the can symbolises the creative potential inside each can and inside the person who decides to use this weapon. The image is tied together neatly with the drip font that spells out "SPRAY".

(3) Pyramid Monster : 

A Proplem that most Graffiti / Street artist face is the grey area of the law and the ever present CCTV Cameras . Thus using that reference "The Pyramid Monster" depicts the  Eye of Providence or the All-seeing Eye of the big brother ! The design represents the pyramid head as the CCTV camera and the yellow cable attached to a box that represents the TV, and the arms depects the not so long arm of the law ! 

(4) InvaderCloud

The InvaderCloud design has clear design influnces form the pop-culture video game, space invader. The design turns the BlindCloud logo into a 8-bit alien invader. The design speakes further to the theme for season one as it acknowledges the work of street artist Invader and how street art and graffiti has invaded the globe and its streets. The blue drip on the design depicts the iconic drip effect that occurs when spraypaint is taken to the wall !

The following is from our ConcreteJungle Lookbook :

Now to explain the Idea behind the Lookbook. We took our theme of Urban/street art and turned it on its head, this adds the oxymoron element to our design asthetics . Thus the photoshoot and the lookbook took place in the jungle, the complete oppisite of urban wear and street art. This  allowed us to show case and highlight the bright colors and designs of our merchandise . We made the models wear a white cloth mask with the trademark BC "eyes" , the mask represents the secrecy element when it comes to illegal art on the streets, I call this the "BANKSY" effect, where the art and design matters and not the people behind it . 



The following is a look at the future designs of BC, this will also give you a better feel for the brand and our design direction. 

And now a word from our sponsor :

If you’re wondering who the people are behind BlindCloud, fear not, young grasshopper.

With a Triple-K.O. combo of formalized knowledge from design school, hard knocks of life lessons from street art/graffiti and the matters of the human psyche from underground magic and sleight of hand, Luvnit Sawhney is all about channelizing the world’s energies into the funnel of BlindCloud. 

Oh BTW did we tell you BC is from the land of the Kama Sutra ! Thats right BLINDCLOUD's HQ is located in Bangalore, INDIA.

BC 0 X ϟ.


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