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Joshua Ganyon

Goat of the Year during Year of the Goat




I wrapped up watching this class and figured I would let my project ideas stew for a few days before jumping in. In the meantime, I figured I'd tackle an illustration idea I had a few months back that I'd been procrastinating on. Unfortunately I'd lost my sketches for the illustration and decided rather than keep delaying, I'd get into Illustrator and let the design evolve.

The result resembles the original concept, but gained so much more meaning. Once I had created it, I knew it would make a great project for this course. I spent some time pairing fonts and trying to put text on an arc, place it vertically, etc, but found the best course was just to let the design speak for itself, as below:


There are many ideas tangled up in this design that are open to interpretation. The film it would be destined for seeks to provoke thought and expose the tactics used by large organizations to shift blame away from themselves. The symbolism of the knots, fingers pointing & turning a gear as well as the empty void at the center all evoke this message.

I tried working the logo in with the text, which decidely tends to look like a profanity that works with the overall attitude of the brand behind it:


I was inspired by Mr. Yuck stickers for the vibrant colors. I could see this horizontally-spaced version being used on stickers, business cards, etc.


Things I'm still thinking about:

- The whitespace (open counter?) of the L

- The width of the M


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