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Christopher Kennedy

A naively-optimistic entrepreneur.



BK's Surf Retreat

BK Surf Retreat was created to give the everyday hard working individual a chance to escape their reality and takea break in Central America.

BK Surf Retreat offers numerous package accomadations, but our main appeal is the one week volunteer one week free deal.

We offer retreaters a special promotion to give back to the community of a Central American city by helping with education, construction or a specific skill for a week.In return the retreater will receive a week of free housing at our well appointed surf retreat.

Our retreat offers surf lesson, on site kitchen and cooking, couples massages, yoga classes, hiking tours, fishing guide service and much more.

From our experience in traveling to other countries(especially under-developed) we always want to help out, but dont know where to start.

What we've created is an opportunity for travelers to give back to the community that they love to visit and help the living conditions in which the locals live in day to day.


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