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I live in New York City - there's probably not a place that has been photographed more, so I chose to try and take pictures that aren't the same as what we've all seen before.

I don't think it was a conscious choice, but as I was editing these, I realized that the recurring theme of what I shot has a lot to do with movement - not only the images that literally show motion blur, but also movement in the sense of transportation and going places. 


We begin in Brooklyn. I like this portrait of a dapper young man on his way to work. 


For my look-up, I wanted to show some of the less-recognizable buildings that make up the famous New York City skyline. This was taken in Lower Manhattan, in the Financial District.


New York just hosted the VMAs a week or two ago, and there are plenty of tourists here at all times. I think this is a combination that encapsulates New York pretty well.


My final shot brings us back to Brooklyn, at one of the open-air subway stations. I like the combination of night sky and the lights from the train and the station.


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