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Morgan Gore

If You Bild It.





While I do have experience with creating a brand - my first company will be going on 9 years in January - I wanted to take advantage of this Skillshare class and apply it to the beginning stages of my new venture, BILD. I'll try to update in detail every step of the way!

Name: BILD Brand

Slogan: A Catalyst for Creation // Good things come to those who BILD

Location: San Francisco, CA


The Story:
The strength of the word BILD, or Build, is a reminder that it takes hard work to make what you want in life happen, because It's not enough to want something - you have to BILD it yourself. 

BILD is a brand for those who choose action while the rest stand still. A nod to the artists, athletes, movers & makers. 

I chose to spell the name, BILD, because I felt that it would be more versatile and appealing than the traditional spelling.

I also wanted to choose a name that was dramatically different from my existing company - I wanted something short and memorable.

Good things come to those who BILD.

Here is a look at my brainstorming // first phase of sketches for the logo design;

Logo Step 1.


Here are the final few vectorized logo ideas that we'll be working with;

Tentative Final Logo Set

Extra: Show Scaled Versions of Your Logo

Outdoor Billboard

Subway Billboard

City Billboard 2

Window Decal 

3. Storytelling Through Your Collection

1. Customer Profile: 
BILD Brand is provides a range of products that meet the needs of individuals who identify with the following traits;

  • Lower-middle to upper-middle class
  • Medium disposable income
  • Interested or active participants of the creative arts (fashion, graphic design, fine art, illustration, music, etc)
  • Interested or active participants of the action sports industries (surf, skate, snow, etc..)
  • Artisans, makers, creators
  • Active lifestyle
  • Opinion leaders
  • Brand concious
  • Value quality product and thoutful design

2. Develop your concept or theme for the collection

3. Merchandise your line

6. Extra: Apply Your Brand to a Car (or.. Bus)

Thanks for seeing it through to the bottom - I'm by no means finished so check back for updates. Any and all feedback is greatly appreicated. 


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