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BH Design

My project started with that awful motorcycle in the top left-hand corner. I wanted to include my logo within the motor in some way. I created this first drawing in about 20 minutes as a very very rough draft.

I stepped back to the drawing board and figured that If I could include the BH logo on the side of the tank it could still achieve that unique moto-esque look I was aiming for. 

My final draft ended up as something a little more than the logo. I feel like if I wanted to put the logo on a business card or on my website it would just be the gas tank of the motorcycle itself. But once I got going I just couldn't stop. Haha. Tires are a heck of a lot easier when you remember the rotate/copy trick that this class teaches you with the flower pedal example.

See you in the next class. My journey continues!



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