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BG's: Next-level backgrounds for the web

The days of paper textures and wood panelling on the web are drawing to a close. We're approaching a bold new era of flat, colorful, wide-screen design. It's time to get adventurous.

BG's is a repository for bold, graphic backgrounds, and is split up into two categories:

1) Tiling background patterns, which are small-footpring .pngs optimized for the web (pretty self explanatory)

2) Canvas background generators, which are the big draw, and a new concept for web graphics.

Basically it works like this: Instead of setting a background-image for a page, you designate a full-screen HTML5 Canvas element, and pass through parameters (in javascript) to GENERATE a background pattern that DOESN'T  REPEAT, is SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT EACH TIME, NEVER LOOKS PIXELATED, and weighs in at 2KB! 

Each "pattern" on the site will actually open to a separate "editor" page, where the user can play around with parameters, and grab the parameters they come up with. I've already hosted 4 of these "editors" on my personal site: (Please try them out and leave feedback if you feel so inclined!)

The goal of this project will be to create a site where I can host patterns for download, sort through them by tags,allow user commenting, and allow users to share their custom settings for the generators.

Heroku Link:

GitHub Link:


3/19/13: Got the bare bones up on Heroku with a few example images. Not much style to speak of, though I like the logo. Probably going to be a total redesign once I add "user registration" functionality and sorting.  


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