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Create a blog header/web graphic emblem/label that encompasses the mission of an adventure blog called BEYOND

Keyword ideas to include in tagline: outside, upward, outward, remote, journeys
Adventures on foot, by boat, on horse, by car, by bike
OR Adventures on land, by water and in the air / by land by sea by air

Based in Oregon

The "About" statement from Beyond:

David and Chris are designer/educators who are hovering above, below and around the half-century mark. After living in Oregon for over 25 years, we’re finally getting around to exploring this great state. Why didn’t we do this before? The excuses were many— we don’t have the right gear, don’t want to get cold/wet/hot, who will take care of the kids/dog/horses/goats/geese, not enough time, too much money, not the right car.Now that our girls have fledged, our beloved whippet, Willow is with us no more and we’ve traded in the zoomy Mini Coupe for a trusty, sure-footed Subaru Forester, there are no more excuses. The computers, clients and classes can wait.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching the equipment and clothing that will make our experiences enjoyable, rain or shine, hot or cold. In addition to logging our adventures, you’ll also encounter occasional posts about gear and what we’ve discovered works, at least for us.

Come along!

Visual ideas: Topographic maps, trail markers, foot prints/tracks, map symbols, WPA posters, vintage travel posters, luggage tags, Older outdoor equipment logos such as Filson, LL Bean, Jansport, Woolrich, Smth and Wesson, etc. ,


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