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Benjamin Schwartz

President & CEO at Benjamins Shoe Corp.




BENJAMINS is a California based shoe brand that has been developing over the last few years.  We incorporated in January of 2013, and we were working with a family owned and operated factory with 30 years experience in the footwear industry...the only thing was that they would still be made in China.

While the quality would be very high, and our costs very low, we were going to be spending a much larger amount up front, and be making larger runs of product than we wanted.  So we scratched everything and started talking to a local developer in Northern California.

BENJAMINS is now planning our first run launch for the end of 2014, when we will be opening in a unique concept in which all of our manufacturing, retail shop, storage, and shipping will live and operate within the same space.  People walking into our shop will be able to see the shoes they are purchasing being made right there in the same space.

Our current sales model is direct to consumer.  By doing this we can take that msrp pricing equation and knock some of the middle-men and fees out of there in order to bring down the cost for our customer.  A shoe that most companies would sell for well over $300 can now be sold for closer to $200 while still maintaining the highest level of quality.

We are also working with some cloth mills on some unique fabrics that are currently not being used for making shoes, and which we think will give a huge draw to our product within the menswear and footwear industries.

Our production numbers will be very limited, and we hope this will add to the desire to own a pair.  We also incorporate some added features that compliment our brand.  For example, each of our shoe boxes will arrive filled with shredded US currency.  The name BENJAMINS is also a reference to US $100 bills and this plays into our brand image.

Also, just this week we received an e-mail saying that our trademark has gone through so we are very excited to announce that BENJAMINS is a registered trademark!

We are excited to be involved in another class with Jeff Staple and hope we can improve our brand even more along the way.  Big ups to everyone here and thank you for any comments and feedback!


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Order Sheet - 

We had so many sizes (cause shoes) we went landscape.

Product Shots

Promo Shoe Horn

Bill Counter with UV Counterfeit Detection for Special Clients

Rough costing calcs


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