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Benjamin Schwartz

President & CEO at Benjamins Shoe Corp.




Just wanted to add a recent product shot of our most recent sample for the first run. Shredded US money in the background. The uppers are mohair velvet and the white foxing is leather not rubber:


Our first run is 3,000 pairs of shoes made from our classic shoe design in 2 different upper fabrics.  Our classic is a flat slip-on that will be made in 3 colorways of mohair velvet, and 3 colorways of Fox Bros. wool with quilted silk lining.  Our double monk peacoat design will be made in 5 colorways of coating wool and will be released separately after our first run.  The classics retail for $149 per pair, and will be sold through our online shop at, and through a select group of boutiques.


Our banner logo is written in United States font, the font that is used on US currency:

Crest logo, play on the Harvard crest:

We will be offering custom embroidery, below is a mock-up of one of our samples.  Part of our marketing campaign involves sending custom embroidered pairs to influential people in menswear,

Working sample product shots:

We will be adding shredded US currency to the inside of the shoe boxes (shoe will arrive inside linen shoe bag, not loose in the box).  The US Treasury has sent us non-circulated shredded money to use for this:


Custom fabric being made for us by Fox Bros.:


Our customer:

The customer purchasing Benjamins leans more towards tailored menswear than street wear, but is definitely informed of both worlds.  We are offering a new and unique choice of footwear to a market that is in demand for more choices, especially at our price point.  Our market is men, but we will be making our shoes in both men's and women's sizes. Eventually we will release a separate women's line.  Here's a women's sample we made recently:


On a car, (We couldn't see it on the Soul sorry!!):


Below is the new design sample we just completed.  We were calling it the Peacoat Double Monk since it features coating wool and gold crested blazer buttons.  Also messing with some hand-dyed leather foxing,


Benjamins Shoe Corporation is a shoe manufacturing and sales company based in California.  I studied shoemaking for two years before making my first pair by hand.  After making 15 or so pairs, and several different patterns, we sent our samples to a family-owned factory who picked us up and is now working with us on our first run.  We are currently going into production with one design made in several fabrics, but have plans and are creating samples for a second shoe to add to our line. The photos included here are of working samples that I made, which are very close to our final production model.

Menswear sales are currently increasing at a rate faster than womenswear, and we are creating our line in response to the rise of demand for a more diverse field of brands that cater to men.  We have created a design that we think is ahead of the curve, and has the ability to remain a classic for many years to come.

We have gone back to the roots of shoemaking as a craft, and taken select advances made in footwear over the last 200 years to create a shoe that speaks to the future, while respecting the past.  Toe boxes and cork-filled midsoles are construction methods normally reserved for high-end dress shoes that we are building in to our modest design.  Quilted silk lining has been used on men’s dress slippers since the Victorian era, when they were named after Prince Albert.  People have since forgotten about this detail, but we include it as homage to the past, and because of the luxurious quality it lends.

Our team is passionate about our product, and believes in our ability to become a successful new brand in the footwear industry.  Thanks for your feedback and support!

Benjamins. Freshly Pressed, Coming Soon.


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