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Rosa Chaves

Illustrator & Communication Designer



BEFORE/ Biodiversity + AFTER/ Endangered Species


I'm just restarting in editorial illustration so I don't feel a 'strong' technique or style, neither a rich concept approach. I only know that I have a proposal: telling stories about natural history and ethnography from the places where I pass by. Therefore, this course fits like a glove in my needs to improve and evolve _ Thanks Roman Muradov for your time and sharing! 


Since forever, scribbles and ramblings are pretty useful and fun exercises where I can lose myself. Instead of getting lost, I choose to keep it simple by selecting 2 of the given words and, after that, imagine a concept that fits to promote a cause. I came up with multiple ideas and here are the 3 selected options of word pairs and their illustrated concepts:


  1. LISTLESS + BUTTER: Earth's warmest year on record 

  2. BEFORE + AFTER = Biodiversity + Endangered Species _ Azores Bullfinch 

  3. EFFACE + CUP: Azores Tea Culture

After analyzing the stories and doing some sketching I choose the 2nd, "BEFORE + AFTER: Azores Bullfinch", because:

  • Since I lived in an Azorean Island, it felt good to support a local cause;
  • In this case it's not only a local cause but a cause which is involved in a world concerning issue - The Loss of Biodiversity; 
  • Optimistically thinking, it was the one that I could make a bigger mind change impact, enrolling with local authorities, associations and general population; 
  • It points to Darwin's theory of evolution, that has visited the Azorean Islands, giving some history perspective. 




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