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BEFORE & AFTER: Mid 20-Something’s Seattle Bedroom

PROJECT:  Professionally style key areas of your home

For this class, I’m going to be focusing on one areas of our apartment: the bedroom. It's need the most work and are where we spend a good portion of our time. Because we live in an apartment, wall modifications will be kept to a minimum.



Overall, I'm incredibly happy with the results. It's much more livable and the color really brightens up the room. Total we only spent $370 and less than 5 hours of work on the project. Here's where everything is from:

Note: I originally set out to also style the living room, however since starting this class, we've gotten a cute little puppy. Rugs, couch pillows, throw blankets, plants, and just about everything within a couple feet will get destroyed. As a result, those plans have been on hold for the time being, though I've done a bit of cleaning and rearranging (can you say power of threes) to better enhance the space.


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