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I drive a jeep and I had to pick up a friend who was taking forever to get ready so I texted her "BEEP BEEP GET IN THE JEEP" which is basicallY a play on any rhyming meme out there. 

Even just forming the concept in my head I imaged it with loud colors. Mostly I designated it with having a pink background and white and black type. I really like the Motion Picture Soundtrack image with the texture and colors and everything. I wanted it to be loud and obnoxious and I think the whole CMY(K) colors actually portray that nicely. 


I'm having a hard time decided between the bottom two thumbnails. I really wanted the cute 3-d sans serif striped type but it doesn't quite convey the urgency. I like the jagged, edgy type but I also think I could mix it up a little. I don't know if it's better to keep it more uniform or use different looking everything. Looking at my board it seems like it would be a good idea to have a uniform font. I wanted to get the overlapping effect on the beep beep so they're not one word but also not quite two individual words. I don't know... I might try and draft a couple more thumbnails so I know exactly what I'm doing instead of just figuring it out while I'm digitizing it. I feel like I'll just end up doing that "wake the fuck up" example but with my words instead but that always make me feel unoriginal.


I think the problem was that I hadn't even focused on the "get in the" part of the phrase. The beep beeps have that comic sound effect look and the get in the is more structured and firm like it means business and the jeep is how I originally plannes so I think this second one worked out nice. I think I might even keep those two headlight dots. It has that stern emotion without being terrifying like someone's going to die like the last thumb in the previous page. Now I can move on to skettchhhh


Some constructice criticism sent me back to the drawing board so this time I actually took notes on principals and checked out Mete's thumbnails again. I think the one I circled has potential. The font variation is more exciting than previous versions. The two circles are supposed to represent the headlights on the jeep logo, but I think changing it to a street light and a traffic sign might fill better space.


Here's a cruddy duddy sketch. Obviously I'll be straightening it up, but I'm still having doubts on my design. When I look at other people's thumbnails, I feel the ones that have a good design all have a uniform font/type... 


My doubts about this design has led me back to where I thought I'd originally go: making my quote in the style of that "wake the fuck up" image. The words ought to have minimal space to convey the uncomfortable anxiousness I was going for. I tried stacking them a little interestingly... Basically half of my whole phrase is made of E's. I might add my little honking noice triangle/lightning things or play around with color so I'm not totally copying them.... 


I think I finally have a winning thumbnail and it only took like what? 2-3 weeks?


I almost missed the last day from being so engrossed in this book series I've been reading: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. noice. love it. anywhooooo I made just a couple final things. I first thought it would be cool to have tire tracks in the background but I actually like how the weird "3D" one works. It still propels it forward without the obvious lines (though both of them are kind of hard to loook at) I like the colors but I'm not certain they give the look of impatience. but it does work well for obnoxious.



I used more subdued colors. I like this new one but I would actually put the "3D" colored one on a wall



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