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Fabiola Mejia Lutz

Art Director/ Hand Letterer



BEEHIVE. 100% Raw Honey.

BEEHIVE is the name of my fictitious Raw Honey brand, a homemade product done with much care and love. I wish the label to tell this story and have a complete handmade look, while still being somewhat elegant and clean. 



Sketching the Label.

I'm a very meticulous sketcher so I tend to stick to one sketch, changing it and perfecting it constantly until I love it. This is the design I've started to come up with. I don't want to vectorize it, but to make it similar in style to the example above (MoodBoard--close up of letter B). 

I didn't like the design so I started to change the lettering a bit, while trying to make it a bit bolder (thanks Nicholas!). I'm trying to add more detail as well. 

So I'm finally back and working on this label. Here's how it's coming up. 

I colored it on Photoshop and added texture to the background. It ended up looking like this....

Would love to know what you guys think :) 

Thank you!!


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