Henry Smith

Freelance Illustrator



BEAST (Boys Enlisted Against Scary Things)


This is really update 1.5. I have been more or less working on typographic ideas and quick sketches. These do not really have any refinement... just a chance for me to explore ideas quickly to get a sense of what I'd like to do.

One thing that this exercise has helped with is the box itself. I decided I will be creating packing for a "Carve your own Wooden Stake Kit." I will use a coffin in some context, whether it's the shape of the box or the shape of the die cut of a window.

Here are my favorite type explorations thus far...

and some quick and dirty face ideas...

Any feed back would be appreciated. I look forward to taking my ideas and building them around a coffin shape.



My name is Henry Smith, I'm a designer based out of Salt Lake City, UT. I love vintage design, comics and cartoons and find that it inspires my work constantly.

In college I made the fake organization BEAST or Boys Enlisted Against Scary Things, think of it as Boy Scouts meets Ghostbusters.  The members of the club prepare themselves to fight against the likes of zombies, vampires, etc. I've recently wanted to remake that project and see how far I've come as a designer, now seems like a great opportunity to do so. I've yet to decide what my package will contain, but I am leaning towards Silver Bullets or a "Carve your own Wooden Stake" kit.

My moodboard's goal is to compare and contrast old monster movie type and vintage toys/scouts. I hope to find similarities that will lead to a strong brand and label. 

If you give me feedback it would be very much appreciated and I'd gladly return the favor if you copy and paste the link to your project in the comments! Let's make some exciting work!


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