BEAM Teleportation Services

BEAM Teleportation Services - student project

I happened to sign up for this class and watch the first couple videos while Star Trek was paused. What's a service of the future? Teleportation of course!


I started by mind-mapping all sorts of words that describe teleportation, transport, technology, the future, space, etc and seeing how I might combine them for a unique name. Ultimately BEAM just stuck with me the most. Thanks to sci-fi it's the quintessential word for teleporting. One word which will tell most people exactly what the company is about.


Once I settled on the name BEAM, I started sketching many logo ideas. Many of my initial ideas went to space related shapes and icons like spaceship figures. I encouraged myself to try to represent teleportation moreso and began drawing representations for the common teleportation idea of disintegrating from one place and being replicated/reassembled elsewhere. The chosen icon is meant to represent the transformation into many bits of data which teleportation is often thought of. 

BEAM Teleportation Services - image 1 - student project

BEAM Teleportation Services - image 2 - student project


Being from the aviation industry, I tend to gravitate toward blues. There is a certain neutrality to them and always professionalism. Despite my hesitancy to go toward my (and many other's) old standby color I felt in the case of handing yourself over to a company who's going to disintegrate you and reassemble you in a different place professionalism is pretty key. For memorability and interest I went with a bright orange accent.