BEACH HOUSE MOOD BOARD | Skillshare Projects


I really enjoyed this class and learned a whole heck of a lot. BUT, my old photoshop version did not have two of the very important functions to do this project: 1) I could not create the stroke around the circle so I had to create a second white circle behind it. 2) I could not attach the images to the template rectangles - every time I tried to paste them together it would simply create a copy of the image. So I had to create a lot of this by making it up as I went along.

I experimented with the layout by trying something different than the given template. I also made it smaller (800 pixels) to fit into my blog. I chose the images and theme for a beach house in Maine that I am decorating. 

Thank you for this class and I am inspired to upgrade my photoshop to be able to do this more easily. 


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